Alastair Mackie|Untitled (A is to B as B is to C)|2012|wasp nest|paper|sculpture

A is to B as B is to C, 2012
Modified wasp nest
71 x 52 x 3.5cm

After emerging from hibernation during early spring, the young queens set in to motion the construction of a colony. Wood fibre is collected from the surrounding area, mixed with saliva, and chewed to a pulp from which the nest is made. In the autumn, as it becomes colder, the colony dies leaving only the young queens to hibernate underground and the nest empty. A single wasp nest has been pulped and machine milled in to a sheet of paper.

Alastair Mackie|House|2008|wasp nest|paper|dolls house|sculpture

House, 2008
Modified wasp nests, steel, glass
235 x 125 x 100cm

The co-ordinates of a wooden dolls house kit have been copied, and the structure replicated from sheets made of approximately 300 pulped paper wasp nests.